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Mobile Bartending Services since 2010

I’m Alan and I started Fire Water Bars during the 2000’s recession as an
out-of-work bartender coming from 9 years of experience in the upscale
restaurant and club scene of South Florida. Bartending in Doral for a known
establishment called Chispa until it closed at the end of 2008. As a struggling
bartender in 2009 during the recession, I worked under a competitive bar
catering company. Having new experience behind the bar at private events, I
learned the differences between regular restaurant/club bartending and mobile
bartending. After only a year, I designed and built an innovative Mobile Bar
with the intention of efficient design so that bartender can cater to a maximum
of 75 guests without any delay, regardless of how complicated the drinks may

The design also maintained the L.E.D. attractive look that is so popular in South
Florida, while adding new directions in customization bars like nothing else
before. Unfortunately, the company to which the bar was built for was not
renting out the bars as frequently as need so out of necessity I started my own
Bar Catering company to protect my investment. Everything grew from there.
Always maintaining a high standard of business ethics that is not common in the
hospitality industry in South Florida. Now we are subcontracted by many food catering,
and party rental companies. The original company that I built the bars for
closed down several years later. The focus now has been raising the standard in
both bar service and cocktail quality for Private and Corporate Events.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall
and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?

In hospitality, it is almost never a smooth road. This also keeps the business
always growing and interesting. With more than 15 years in hospitality behind
or running the bar, I still assume there will be some kind of unexpected curve
ball so everything is done in advance. No excuses. We’ve had vendors and
clients both take advantage of our trust.

We concentrate on nothing else but the quality of our services without
jeopardizing our integrity. No event is over-booked with staff or equipment
isn’t over-sold for profit. Our business policies reflect the evolution of our
experience to adhere to the majority needs of our clientele.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about Fire Water Bars – what should we know?

We do Bar Catering and Party Rentals.

We have many unique rentals but our mobile bars are by far the most unique as they
are designed and built in-house only. Our design is an innovative approach that
concentrates on visual appeal and efficiency without sacrificing on either. Our
services also include private and higher-end bartending services that out match
any competitors where we focus on the taste and quality of the cocktail almost
as much as the quality bar service we provide. Our Coconut Mojitos are
unparalleled in popularity, among other mixology cocktails that we provide,
including custom cocktails catered to your specific event, flavor and style.
This sets us apart from standard bar services that have knowledge for basic
drinks and ingredients with no additional effort for taste, process or

Is there a characteristic or quality that you feel is essential to success?

Reputation. With such an over-saturated market. Inauthentic reviews online for so many
competitors it becomes very difficult to determine if your event will be well-taken
care of or cast off to the easiest solution. A client won’t know how good or
bad an event service is until the day of the actual event.

Trusting your catering is key to having a successful party. Therefore, meticulous to
detail and trustworthy companies is second to none on priority for any kind of
event. Don’t just read our online reviews, there is undoubtedly a client of
ours that you know or an event that you have personally attended. The proof is
in the pudding and every event is handled as if it was our own personal
wedding, or our own personal Holiday Party for the company. Nothing isn’t
considered and we offer a full guarantee for all the services that we are hired

Premier Bar Catering servicing South Florida, from West Palm Beach to Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and Key West. Fire Water Bars Catering is based on 19 Years of
Bar Industry Experience.

Our Priority is Quality not Volume. The Bar Industry has had to keep up with the
growing pace of Miami and Ft. Lauderdale nightlife. We decided to slow things
down and focus on the impression that a good bar or bartender will have at a
party. Supplying quality ingredients and experienced bartenders is the dramatic
difference that sets us apart as a bartending service.

We would like to offer a more tailored approach to your private parties. This
means custom portable Bars, specialized Bartenders, Hand-Crafted Cocktails, and
a personalized Drink menu. As long as this is your party whether it’s a
Wedding, Birthday, or Holiday Party; it is our profession to handle all the
Bar-Related services and advise you with recommendations for your event.


Experience the value of not having to worry about, ‘What drinks should our Engagement
Party have?’, ‘Is there enough Vodka?’ or ‘How to make a Mango Basil Mojito?’
Enjoy the assurance that everything will be handled early and calmly. So sip
your beverage and enjoy.


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