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Are you planning a Birthday but are worried about how much scotch is enough or is it too much? Birthdays are the most popular of private parties. We can personalize your event just for you. Adding a private bartender for hire is a good start. But let’s consider some signature drinks that’s a favorite of the Birthday Boy or Girl’s. What is their favorite cocktail? Do they like a specific type of drink? Maybe our mixologist can create a custom new cocktail just for this event. And we can name it after the Person of night! We can also add a Mobile Bar with a custom Birthday logo or test on the front.

Take a look at our Bar Supply Packages where we handle everything including the hassle of getting all the ingredients yourself. Most clients to consider the amount of work involved in planning a party, and the work becomes very hard very fast. Let us take care of everything with our Unlimited Open Bar Catering Packages that include Peace of Mind Guarantee.

If the Vodka and Juice is popular, our staff will notify our delivery support to replenish at no extra charge, giving you the comfort to not have to run out of your own event to get more Sprite or Ice. 

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