Frequently asked Questions




Is Gratuity included with the Staff Bookings?

For the bar staff, you can do a Direct Gratuity at the event or allow them to have a tip jar. The servers and support staff are direct gratuity only. Supervising staff does not require any kind of gratuity.

What time does the staff arrive?

Event Staff are scheduled to arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled setup time. This allows time for any unexpected delays like traffic or trouble finding the location.

What does the staff bring?

Generally, the uniform is all-black business casual. The tools that the staff brings vary based on position. Please visit our Event Staff Page for detailed information.

I’m ready to book the services. What’s next?

Call or email and we will start an invoice contract. A photocopy of ID and 50% Non-Refundable Deposit is required. The balance is due the week of the event. Same week bookings require full payment.

Who will be working my Party?

At the time of booking determines the staff member assigned to your event based on the event location and staff availability. We may be able to accommodate special requests if booked in advance.

What if I want to supply the bar myself?

We go over the drink list that you would like to have at your event and send you a free shopping list. Please make sure to have all the stock left at the bar by the time the bartender arrives.

What is Bar Catering?

Bar Catering is a rented service that is served as a whole package but not individual items. The Bar Catering Package includes staff, bar rental, tools and supplies for the bar including alcohol, mixers, garnishes etc.

Can I book a bartender only?

You can book a bar or rent a bar only. There is a 5 Hour Minimum for all staff.

What if I supply the alcohol myself?

A free shopping guide is included with any booking. This list will breakdown all the items needed. However, any ingredients that are low or out of stock will be not be the responsibility of the bartender to replenish. Something as simple as ice can run out and will stop the bar from making more drinks until it’s restocked.

What is a Signature Drink?

A Signature Drink is a featured cocktail to exemplify the theme or person of the night. A wedding may have 2 Signature Drinks named after the Bride and Groom. A Birthday may have a Signature Drink that is the Birthday boy/girl’s favorite. We can also make a custom Signature Drink that you approve and feature it at the bar.

Are your bartenders experienced?

Each bartender has minimum 3 years’ experience and must pass a series of tests before working an event.

How can I get a custom Bar Menu for my Wedding?

The Drink menu can only be done on a Portable Bar that is made of Plexi-Glass. We would design a menu for you to approve and have it printed and mounted on the bar rental.