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Craft Cocktail Workshop In Miami's Design District

Cocktail Workshops | Professional Mixologists | Signature Margaritas

Creating the tasty Margaritas held their guests' attention and an entertaining time was had by all in attendance!

Corporate Event Alcohol Catering Margarita Cocktail Workshop in Miami's Design District, Florida
Corporate Event Alcohol Catering Margarita Cocktail Workshop in Miami's Design District, Florida

This was a corporate event for a luxury kitchen design company celebrating an expo of their new line of products.

And while their guests were introduced to the new on-site features of the company, they also enjoyed participating in our elegant craft cocktail workshops led by our professional Mixologist.

Everyone involved enjoyed learning about, making – and especially tasting – their custom Margaritas and were engaged the entire time.

A professional mixologist was hired to provide the cocktail expertise, along with a premium glassware rental to help with the bar ambiance.

Additional stock and supplies were brought along to ensure no shortages and the bar was able to open in advance.

No delays. No service interruptions. No excuses.

At Fire Water Bars, we don’t just serve drinks; we create experiences that blend creativity with professionalism to deliver an unforgettable cocktail experience for you and your guests.

So whether you’re planning a corporate event, a private party, or a casual get-together, let us elevate your next event with our exceptional alcohol catering services and craft cocktail workshops.

Craft Cocktail Workshop Alcohol Catering in Miami Design District, Florida

Event Features Included:

Professional Mixologist

Signature Cocktails

Event Planning & Supplies

Premium Glassware

Exciting Bar Ambiance

Guest Participation

The quality of the cocktails served was exceptional. Firewater Bars used top-shelf liquor and fresh ingredients, ensuring that every drink was a delicious masterpiece. Our guests couldn’t stop talking about how amazing the cocktails were, and what amazing customer service was provided, and I saw how they kept coming back for more throughout the night.
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Guadalupe De La Nuez

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Want to add a bit of flair? Add one of our craft cocktail workshops and keep your guests engaged and entertained.

Whatever your needs, we can accommodate most requests and all but guarantee your event is a smashing success!