Looking To Hire A Professional Bartender For Your Next Event?

Look no further! Our group of talented event bartenders for hire are here to take your party to the next-level!

Best Event Bartenders For Hire in Metropolitan Miami, Florida
Best Event Bartenders For Hire in Metropolitan Miami, Florida

Looking To Hire A Professional Bartender For Your Next Event?

Look no further! Our group of talented event bartenders for hire are here to take your party to the next-level!

Hiring Us Means You'll Get Far More Than Just Bartending Services

Our team of professional bartenders are not just mixologists; they’re entertainers who bring a dash of flair, a splash of style, and a whole lot of skill to every event. With their extensive knowledge of cocktails, wines, beers, and spirits, they can cater to every taste and preference in your group.

Whether it’s a classic Martini or a bespoke cocktail crafted just for your event, our bartenders ensure every drink is mixed to perfection and that your guests are taken care of from start to finish.

And we’ve made hiring bartenders for your event very, very simple.

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Event Bartenders & Mixologists

Hiring our event bartenders means you’re not just hiring a service; you’re investing in an unforgettable experience.

Our experienced team is not only skilled in mixology, but also in customer service; They are friendly, helpful, outgoing and will always ensure that your guests feel welcomed and well-served throughout your event.

We also understand that diversity is key to a successful event, which is why we offer both male and female bartenders to cater to your specific needs and preferences. 

Our team is as diverse as the cocktails they create, each bringing their unique flair and personality to the table.

Best Event Mixologists in Metropolitan Miami, Florida
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Professional Flair Bartenders

With our Flair Bartenders, your Bar service can be more than just serving drinks – just like you saw in the movie Cocktail!

Create a Bar Atmosphere with a Live Bartending Show that will leave your guests with a jaw-dropping experience.

Our Flair Bartenders are masters of their craft, combining their extensive knowledge of mixology with their exceptional entertaining and juggling skills.

They can toss, spin, balance and catch bottles with an ease that defies gravity and their performances are not just visually stunning, but also interactive, engaging your guests and creating a lively atmosphere.

Best Event Flair Bartenders in Metropolitan Miami, Florida

You Can Decide To Hire An Event Bartender, Mixologist, Flair Bartender Or As Many Of Each As You Wish - It's All Up To You!

Whatever you decide, we know your event will be an amazing success!

Flair Bartenders For Hire in Metropolitan Miami, Florida
Flair Bartenders For Hire in Metropolitan Miami, Florida

Hiring qualified event bartenders from the start is the difference between success and, well, you know...

The bartender creates the bar-atmosphere at every party, which means a welcoming environment with a properly prepared bar station. It must be clean and organized so as to minimize the time it takes to make a drink.

Poor preparation and inexperience will lead to delayed drinks and people waiting longer than 5 minutes for their martini at your birthday party or wedding reception.

Any experienced bartender should be able to handle up to 75 guests with no more than a 5 minute wait, even if the patrons are heavy drinkers. Don’t let just anyone bartend your event because you may find out that poor training and bar technique will cause delays in service with long lines and unhappy guests.

Bartending a party or event is not the same thing as bartending a restaurant or club; Our bartenders have at least 3 years of high-volume experience, provide their own tools and have strong customer service skills.

We've covered virtually all types of parties & events & we'll do an exceptional job with yours as well.

And Don't Forget About Our Craft Cocktail Workshop Event Add-Ons!

Cocktail Workshops are a new kind of event-within-an-event that address both the need for a bar and entertainment for the event with guest participation.

It’s a concept where the guests are taught how to make a themed cocktail. Often it’s a cocktail that has versatile flavoring or the favorite drink of the host or main guest of the night (e.g. Birthday Boy/Girl, Retirement Party).

The class is taught in rounds of up to 5 guests (depending on the cocktail), and then the guests alternate for the next round.

Barstools are arranged around the bar for the guests to sit and enjoy the class. Tools are provided, along with all the ingredients needed for the bar, including ice.

The mixologist preps the bar station in advance and the guests choose their preferred flavors and ingredients. Guests get to choose what ingredients they would like to include in their cocktail, and the mixologist will give full instructions on how to make their drink from scratch.

Once the drinks are completed, the guests can then take their drinks and enjoy the party.

The guests can return for as many rounds of instruction as they would like or ask the mixologist to make them the drink of their choosing.

Pricing for this add-on varies, so please contact us for an instant quote.

Craft Cocktail Event Workshops
Craft Cocktail Event Workshops

Frequently Asked Questions

It costs $175.00 to hire a professional event bartender for a 5-hour minimum.

We also have other types of bartenders like Mixologists & Flair Bartenders available should you prefer them.

You can hire just one event bartender – or even just a portable bar if you’d like.

We’ll provide you with whatever you need and we’ll help you make that decision once we know more about your particular event.

There is a 5 hour minimum for all staff.


Each bartender has a minimum of 3 years experience and must pass a series of tests before working an event.

For the bar staff, you can do a direct gratuity at the event or allow them to have a tip jar.

The servers and support staff are direct gratuity only.

Supervising staff do not require any kind of gratuity.

All of our event staff are scheduled to arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled setup time.

This allows time for any unexpected delays like traffic or trouble finding the location.

Generally, the uniform is all-black business casual.

The tools that the staff bring vary based on position.

Please visit our event staffing page for detailed information.

At the time of booking determines the staff member assigned to your event based on the event location and staff availability.

We may be able to accommodate special requests if booked in advance.

We go over the drink list that you would like to have at your event and send you a free shopping list.

Please make sure to have all the stock left at the bar by the time the bartender arrives.

A free shopping guide is included with any booking.

This list will break down all the items needed, however, any ingredients that are low or out of stock will be not be the responsibility of the bartender to replenish.

If you choose to provide the alcohol and supplies yourself, please keep this in mind as something as simple as running out of ice can stop the bar from making more drinks until it’s restocked.

A signature drink is a featured cocktail to exemplify the theme or person of the night.

A wedding may have 2 signature drinks named after the bride and groom.

A birthday may have a signature drink that is the birthday boy / girl’s favorite.

We can also make a custom signature drink that you approve and feature at the bar.

We offer quite a few add-on services.

You can rent bar tables and chairs and other seating arrangements like cushioned chairs and loveseats.

Our Cocktail Catering services offer customized alcohol packages with specialized drinks.

For portable bar rentals, we have rustic wood and plexiglass LED (with customization options) available .

We also have specialty bartenders on staff for Flair or Mixology services and we offer Craft Cocktail workshops to keep your guests entertained during your event.

We will also require a photocopy of your ID and a 50% non-refundable deposit will be required at the time of booking with the remaining 50% being due 2 weeks before the day of the event.

Same week bookings require full payment at the time of booking.

We’ll look forward to hearing from you!

More Services:

When your occasion, party or event requires more than bartenders, we can provide you with complete & reliable event staffing coverage you can count on to provide the best servers, barbacks, captains & more.

Set your event apart with an LED or Rustic Wooden Bar that will give your event that special atmosphere you deserve. We offer custom imprints on the bars with multiple size rental options, delivered right to your party.

Impress your guests with the types of high-quality mixed drinks they will remember for years to come. You’ll enjoy mojitos, martinis, margaritas and more the way they are supposed to be made, fresh & delicious.
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