Portable Bar Rental

Portable Bars

What party would be complete without a mobile bar? Everything comes down to efficiency with any bar. Small details make a difference when a bartender is making constant drinks every minute. If the cooler isn’t at waste height the bartender has to crouch for every drink slowing him down. Now there’s a delay at the bar, causing a line, showing in photos. Our portable bars are designed by bartenders for optimal bar-functionality. Some of the bars you can rent are more functional than others However; every portable bar is designed with innovation and appearance as a primary goal. We have Wooden Rustic Vintage Bars and LED Acrylic Plexi-Glass Bars. 


Delivery fees vary based on several factors

  • Event Location ( Deliver to Miami Dade, Broward, Monroe and West Palm Beach Counties )
  • Delivery Schedule ( Pick Up Same Day / Next Day )
  • Type of Venue ( Private Residence, Hotel, Resort, Event Venue )
  • Delivery Obstructions ( Stairs, Elevator, Narrow Pathways )

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Pricing varies on several details. Terms and Restrictions apply. 

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